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Wedding Cake Topper for Physician's

Wedding Cake Topper for Physician's

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totally custom made
Love is contagious...and these two have it bad! But they truly know the meaning of the phrase.. "Physician, Heal Thy Self"! Knowledge is power, and fortunately they too had heard of Dr. Mud...the cake topper specialist. By calling the Cake Topper Clinic at Contact Us and consulting with the Doctor you too can cure the dreaded cake toper-itis! You can write your own "prescription" by creating a list of details that you'd like to include in your topper. In this photograph the Bride and Groom are in traditional dress, with camera, suitcase with various destinations, stanley cup, the Bride's easel and paints, and of course their stethoscopes! If you have the "Love Bug" and need the "cure" let us help.... The Bride who commissioned this Physician's Wedding Cake Topper comment is below .. Hi Hunter, It looks great!!! Thanks again, Anisha



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