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Wedding Cake Topper for Makeup Artist and Surfer

Wedding Cake Topper for Makeup Artist and Surfer

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totally custom made

Catch a wave...with a  Topper for a Surfer!...his Bride is a makeup artist in the first what would such a couple think of this custom made Surfers Wedding Cake Topper ?? on...

OH that is cute!!!!!!!!  thank you!!!! it arrived safely and it's beautiful they are going to be so happy and surprised with it!! once again like I said It's GREAT!  and I can't believe how much it looks like the two of them!  :)

Thank you for doing such a great job,    Tricia

Any matrimonial sculpture we create is fired to 2000 degrees and is a permanent work of art. Consult with us to have the topper you always wished for created.

Whatever the occasion, need not be a Wedding Cake Topper, these handmade figurines work for any event.



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