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Podiatrist's Custom Made Figurine

Podiatrist's Custom Made Figurine

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totally custom made

Greetings to anyone who knows a podiatrist...they are a "soleful" crew, and not the easiest to gift shop for...have you wandered into any gift stores and be overwhelmed by the selection of podiatrists gifts?... sure hat, golf club, barbq accessories you can buy these for any male...not that your podiatrist has to be male :-) ...perfume, flowers, handbags can be purchased for any lady physician...

but how about something that is unique, personalized and custom made??...they will have never seen 1 of these before... handmade, fired to 2000 degree, ceramic art!...this was commissioned for a Doctor's 50th birthday celebration...!

in this featured model you have a podiatrist on the beach, his favorite place to be, doing a little foot surgery while brandishing one of his medical articles in his other hand.... a plate of sushi on the ground by him, along with his destination festooned suitcase....his photo on the front cover of "The Islander" magazine....framed pic of his beloved kids...and a lil model of his blue beach house... crossword puzzle awaiting his attention as well...

..this is in effect a ceramic snapshot... a moment in time celebrating this Doctor , his work and life...

surprise your physician, surgeon, doctor, nurse, podiatrist ...anyone in the medical arts with a clay caricature that they will treasure and remember you by...



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