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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Figurine

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Figurine

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totally custom made
Who would be better qualified to perform plastic surgery than a woman..?... they are , in my opinion, generally more concerned and particular about appearing beautiful, and have an intrinsically better sense in that arena than most males.. :-) This figurine was commissioned for a reconstructive surgeon of great talents, and some of the more important elements of her life have been incorporate in this personalized statue... the medical books awaiting her attention, her picture on the cover of a Plastic Surgeons Journal, the logo of her practice, a framed pic of some bears she is fond of, referencing mermaids, hubby's pic on computer screen and her iphone at the ready!.... the answer to the physicians gift giving dilemma.... for birthdays, anniversaries, promotion, relocation, graduation and from a grateful patient to a caring specialist ...a keepsake for a surgeon like this is sure to surprise and it is totally created with them in mind, and is a unique keepsake that is often displayed in the doctors office, with the exception of those who prefer to keep their greatest treasures at home in the den and such.. :-) call us at Contact Us and we will design over the phone with you, the perfect present for the doctor, physician, surgeon, and whatever medical specialist in your life!



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