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Mechanic's Wedding Cake Topper

Mechanic's Wedding Cake Topper

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totally custom made

This Groom knows how to keep a Wedding running crowning their Cake with a custom made cake topper! ...and they are maintenance free and get everlasting mileage!

The mud mechanic, Hunter Vaughan, will custom create your sculpture so that it's tuned to your desires. Take a lesson like this Teacher Bride, who learned all about us online. Her Mom  actually placed the order for her..... Mom wrote us about it...

"Hi Hunter The ordered arrived on Monday. It looked great so last night I took it over to Nancy's place. When I arrived she was talking to Marc on the phone and I pulled it out and showed it to her. She thought it was SO COOL she immediately started describing it to Marc. I think she's decided to put it on  the table where the guests are signing a picture matte because she wants to be sure EVERYONE  sees it.  She was afraid if it was "on the cake" not everyone would see it and she certainly didn't want anyone to miss it. It looks great!  If you have some business cards put a few in with the order because I KNOW I'll be having people ask me where I got it!!" Thanks again, Carolyn



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