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Jerry Bears Custom Cake Topper

Jerry Bears Custom Cake Topper

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totally custom made

Deadheads are a die hard crew....and to celebrate your marriage and love of the Grateful Dead at the same sacred moment is a day to commemorate for a lifetime!

Fortunately this sculpture is fired to 2000 degrees and completely are the memories of the event it was created for..

Jam up some  inspired concepts about you and your mate and let us bring  them to life in a wedding cake topper that will be a huge hit.

Read below the comments of the recipients of this miniature work of art.

"When we contacted you to do a custom job we were nervous about several things. The first was working with someone over the internet, the second was finding someone that could understand what we wanted. When we spoke over the phone I was confident in both your ability to understand what we wanted and in your integrity. You had no 3-D model to work with, only pictures from the internet. When we received it, only a short time later we couldn't believe how well it turned out. Needless to say, the caketopper was our special way of reminding ourselves and those that were in on it of our special bond. Thank you again for an item that will always grace our home and our memories. We have set the topper on a shelf on our bookcase and will treasure it forever. Thank you Love, Mr. and Mrs. Sam R"



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