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Doctor's Wedding Cake Topper

Doctor's Wedding Cake Topper

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totally custom made
It's a serious case of "Medical Matrimony" that we have on our hands!! But I know a specialist who can cure this in a flash...with very little financial pain!!...and you can always get in touch with this so called Dr. Mud...his clinic hotline # is Contact Us. Patients are welcome to call and just tell the Doctor all about they would like to get the wedding keepsake that they have always wanted. And not a factory made model, but something created specifically for you! Dr. Mud will be taking notes, or you can email him all your info, whatever suits you best. These Bride and Groom Doctor's in the topper shown have incorporated their medical garb, pictures, diploma's, books and even a photo in the background of the medical university they graduated from! Why be frustrated by placebo's and "quacks"...Dr. Mud has been practicing his ceramic specialty for over 3 decades...he is the voice of experience in the Figurine Community.



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