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Dental Wizard works His Magic

Dental Wizard works His Magic

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totally custom made

"Hunter ...You need to put a warning on the image, I spilled quite a lot of coffee all around my keyboard because I was laughing so hard when I opened it up.
Honestly, it's absolutely incredible. Better than I had ever imagined or expected. I'd be speechless if I ever got speechless. How in the_world_ did you take my silly idea and make it into something so darned cool?
In my world we'd call it "(far) exceeding expectations" and absolutely delighting the customer. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift, I'm sure he'll love it( although I *know* it's impossible for him to have as much fun receiving it as I did planning it). Thanks again for all your help with this, I have others in mind for you but will wait until after the holidays, I promise (I see lots of health care providers and some of them almost deserve to have a piece of your work) ...Cathy O"



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