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Bride in Lengha Saree, Groom in Kurta Wedding Cake Topper

Bride in Lengha Saree, Groom in Kurta Wedding Cake Topper

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totally custom made
What an international pair we have here...the bride is resplendent in her wedding sari...and she is holding a Brazilian flag as that is where she is now living.... This handsome groom is wearing an embroidered sherwani, also know as a kurta..... and no surprise that this hi tech gentleman is checking his blackberry...and paying tribute to his country of origin by flying an Indian flag... Yes the groom has those great .khussa shoes, or sherwani shoes on,..and he better keep them on ...shoe-stealing � is a custom in India where brides sisters steal grooms shoes and demand money to return them back. And the grooms friends and cousins try to hide the same to prevent shoes getting in girls hands. What a relief to an Indian couple searching for a wedding cake topper that can reflect their heritage....handmade to their can call and design your own topper at Contact Us



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