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Baseball Topper

Baseball Topper

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totally custom made
The team is almost all here!...bulldog is the coach, pitcher and first base is left to the Groom and Bride...cats take care of 2nd and 3rd base! Perhaps you are going a marry and start your own "team"..? Commemorate the "big day" with an personalized clay caricature of that special time in your lives. In this case we have their "leis" around their necks...the wedding is in Hawaii you see. Favorite team's are emblazoned on their ball hats, and the flowers around the base are matching with the color of the "lei's". Hard to see from this angle but the bulldog is wearing a Georgia's jersey, while the cats are....well just being cats. A baseball topper is great for a baseball fan's wedding...but if that isn't "your thing" why not let us know what you think would represent you 2 me, Hunter Vaughan at Contact Us and we can design a special sculpture over the phone together.



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