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Backpacking Traveler's Wedding Cake Topper

Backpacking Traveler's Wedding Cake Topper

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totally custom made
Hit the Road Jack!!! The call of the "open road" is is the desire to have the figurine you want created just like a custom travel itinerary! To your liking...with stops for your favorite personal items. Map out the details with your traveling partner as you prepare to embark on the journey of  Matrimonial Bliss! What better way to remember the "Big Day" than with a miniature work of ceramic art that showcases your wanderlust? Happy trails to all Newlyweds!!  After the commotion has settled down and days turn to years, what a sweet way to trigger a memory of that Wedding Day. Here we shall see what these back packing travelers thought of their wedding cake topper.......... Thank you soooo much!!  We just got back so we've been settling in.  It's adorable, Hunter! Thank you! When the open road is calling you to a personalized wedding cake topper, just call us at Contact Us and we will be honored to hand-make one for your special day.



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