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Anesthetist's Figurine

Anesthetist's Figurine

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totally custom made
Nobody wants to need the services of an Anesthesiologist or an Anesthetist....because that means you are going to under go some sort of medical procedure... Yet the option of not being fortunate enough to encounter one of these medical specialists when you need them, is an unpleasant thought... ....this particular statue was a patient's commission... to create a custom made figurine for their anesthetist, as a token of appreciation, a gift to someone who helped save their life... It seems crass to say that most doctors can afford their own "gifts" and can buy themselves whatever they want...but not so with a personalized gift like this....there is no other 1 on the planet like fact it won't even exist until we are requested to create it....and the figurine is sculpted to incorporate the specific look and attributes that the client specifies... so you can rest assured that when your doctor, physician, anesthesiologist, surgeon or any medical specialist receives your gift, they will be delighted and totally surprised at the unveiling of their own "representation"....and will think of you when ever they see it... call our medical gift hotline at Contact Us to design your own personalized Doctor's figurine



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