Hobby and Profession Caricature Statue Gifts

Looking for the perfect gift? Our personalized caricature statues are sure to please! We create these statues based on the interests, professions, fixations, and personal lives of your giftee, tailored to your specifications. 

We can incorporate just about anything into our statues... Is your giftee a teacher? A doctor? A military veteran? A food service professional? A hockey fan? A politician? A video game enthusiast? An iPhone user? A golfer? The sky is the limit!! 

Browse our work for previous clients below for some inspiration, and be sure to Contact Us with your great idea!!

Legal Professional caricature statues

The perfect gift for the lawyer, attorney, litigator, paralegal, or even judge in your... 

Business Professional Caricature Statues

The perfect gift for the CEO, real estate agent, accountant, receptionist, salesperson...