Wedding Cake Topper of the Day...Bristol Rovers Soccer Fan's Cake Topper

Hello to all international socfer fans!!!...yes it's the planet's most popular sport...sometimes called football in countries other than the US of A...and you know the fans can get so rapid that they riot over their teams loss or victory!

However even though this type of custom made wedding cake topper will cause a lot of excitement not one of my clients has complained of a riot...yet!

So here you will see a groom who is crazy over his beloved Bristol Rovers soccer team, and is also a U.K. patriot, so he is holding a St. George's flag of England, while simultaneously sporting a LA Dodgers baseball cap...truly an international chap.

And his lovely bride is beside her Portugese flag, resplendant in a bridal gown crowned with a San Diego Padre's cap, baseball mitt and ball in hand at the ready...

What a great combination of sports, national identities and hobbies rolled into a most unique wedding cake see more of this type of creative figurines simply visit customized cake toppers or call the head of the figurine team, Hunter Vaughan, at 1 800 231 9814
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